Unique fitting system:
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The unique fitting system, specially designed for the Masamune Razor and one of the exclusive specifications of our razor, is responsible for:

High perpendicularity between handle and razor head which permits a better precision during the shaving;

Symmetrical load distribution on the threads preventing excessive wear and increasing resistance;

Compact and reduced clearance between the parts which provides:

-Less vibration on the blade cutting line;
-Smoother and safer shave;
-Increase of the blade tool life.

Protection to mechanical deformation of the threaded pin on the top cap.

Designed to endure a lifetime

Certified AISI 303 Stainless Steel

378 CNC machined spheres for better grip

Numbered edition

CNC Machined in Portugal with dimensional and geometrical tolerances up to 0,02mm

Hand finishing to certify the feasibility of all our product