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From routine to passion
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So I used the blade sent with the razor which is the feather hi -stainless, the only things in the shipment that was made in Japan despite the Japanese theme. I have to say that this feels like a Feather As-D2... but it shaves like a blackland with positive blade exposure. I had to shave twice to figure it out but the negative blade exposure and high blade gap, at least that's what it looks like to me, must be the reason. Excellent razor, would shave again.
Ronald Pang
Amazingly smooth and efficient Mixed with unapologetic beauty truly the Lamborghini of razors. Also an incredibly nice staff that is very responsive and caring.
Beautiful aggressive razor that provides a close, comfortable shave with minimal effort. I prefer the standard Masamune handle to the Nodachi handle because I like my razors under 100g. If you like a little more weight, then the Nodachi handle is perfect. it doesn't appear that either of the handles would provide much grip, but looks are deceiving. I've had no trouble with my grip slipping on either handle. The finish on the razor is simple and attractive. The shave provided by the Nodachi is top notch as well. I can easily limit my routine to 2 passes and still reach baby-smooth status. Easy recommendation for anyone looking for a quality machined razor.
Josh K.
In the the final analysis exceptional design is very hard to find. Very few world class designs, hit it right the first time but the Tatara Razor does just that! I bought the Nodachi SB reluctantly, because I always instinctively error on the side of smoothness over efficiency itself, but I found neither one of these virtues sacrificed with this precision tool, dare I say supremely made Katana! I’m so impressed and pleased, I plan to purchase an open-comb version right after I post this very positive review. Mark Seattle, Washington USA
Mark Booth
Buy it now so you can use it more times before you die!


Made of stainless steel to ensure a lifetime shaving experience.

From a solid piece of material, we created a simple and sophisticated double edge razor that translates our vision into a consistent and precise shave.

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Like the Japanese katanas, our products are made with extreme dedication and attention to detail. Combining this with obsessive precision of modern engineering, Tatara is proud to create safety razors of a rare sensitivity and strength.



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