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Buonasera ragazzi!! Sono possessore di due rasoi fatti splendidamente da voi, Tatara nodachi e Tatara masamune, sono super felice di dirvi che sono i miei rasoi preferiti e definitivi. li uso tutte le mattine ad alternanza. Tatara masamune e un rasoio delicato e efficente per barbe di tutti i giorni , oppure al massimo per barbe di due giorni, molto confortevole con lamette BIC, nacet, Wilkinson, perma Sharp oro, gillette o clock black, Astra blu. Tatara nodachi invece e un rasoio molto efficente e preciso (io lo uso tutti i giorni) si trova benissimo con lamette: treet stainless, gillette silver Blue, rapira, Personna Lab blu, silver star. Cordiali saluti Lucarini🇮🇹
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Ho entrambe le piastre di base ed entrambi i tappi superiori con il manico Masamune. La base Masamune con tappo superiore Nodachi è liscia con la minima sensazione di lama. Questa è una configurazione delicata ma efficiente. La base Nodachi con tappo superiore Masamune è ancora liscia, ma aumenta l’efficienza fornendo al contempo una maggiore sensazione della lama. Entrambe le combinazioni possono essere utilizzate quotidianamente, ma se la tua pelle è sensibile sarà necessaria una maggiore attenzione con la configurazione base Nodachi/masamune superiore. Rasoio fantastico in tutte le combinazione
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MURAMASA ADJUSTABLE RAZOR, design is very clever, workmanship is very fine, disassembly and cleaning is very convenient, I am willing to use it every day.
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I recently bought a new Masamune closed comb razor from a dealer (Maggard’s) here in America and the razor exceeds my expectations on all counts. Beautifully made, elegant modern design, and, most importantly, it’s a wonderful shaver. Not too mild, not too aggressive – just right! With a half century’s shaving experience, I’ve owned many razors and the Masamune shares the top spot for any of the dozens of razors I’ve owned going back to the 1960’s. Well done to all of you at Tatara!
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It was my first experience with SR, after a rough start I can say now that I regret all those years using disposable razors. With my Masamune it’s a joy my daily shaving, smooth skin after and a look that was impossible to achive with my previous razors. Thanks to the team that created Tatara razors 👍
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Carlos Silva
Que calidad, la muramasa, es con mucho la mejor navaja de afeitado clásico que he probado, me encantan sus 5 niveles de afeitado. Es suave y robusta, estéticamente es muy bonita y con un acabado premium. Se nota que el acero es de primera clase. La muramasa es para toda la vida.
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After trying the Masamune and being overwhelmed by every aspect of it I was curious to try the Tatara Nodachi (OC & CC) as well, so I recently bought that one too … well, the Nodachi even won over the first place in my favourite list over from the Masamune hands down. Build & finish quality is literally top of the line, absolutely marvellous and it comes with the same lovely design as it’s cousin. The Nodachi gave me an absolutely amazing BBS shave with the first run, very smooth (even with the Feather blade I preferably use) and super efficient. It’s blade exposure is a little more to my taste than the Masamune’s (but your mileage may vary) and the longer handle gives me even better control when shaving what’s left of my head hair. As a European I am very happy that I can buy such a great product – imho the best razor I own so far – within the EU. I would like to add that the service offered by the team at Tatara is also great – there was a little problem with my order and delivery which was solved immediately and with very good communication by João 🙂
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Where to start? Firstly I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it arrived from Portugal. Then, opening the package I was very impressed when I saw the box neatly wrapped in black tissue with a wax seal. It looked so classy – like a Christmas present – it almost seemed a shame to open it! However, with utmost care, that is exactly what I did; then to discover the Masamune beautifully presented in a cork display base. So far, so good. But what of the razor itself? Well, the next observations you will, of course, already know, having created and manufactured the razor. The fit and finish is up there with the best, and the half-moon matching stand has such a close tolerance that there is barely any free movement, holding the razor perfectly vertical. The appearance of the razor is quite different from any other razor in my collection, but it is quite aesthetically pleasing. The rounded bottom end of the handle means it is very comfortable in the palm of the hand; and the handle length is good. Taking the razor apart, I find the length of the thread on the head just right. I have read other reviews where the writer has thought the thread could be shorter. I have 3-piece razors with a shorter thread and have wished they were a tad longer. Personally, I find the length on the Masamune that much easier to get hold of, and I am grateful for it. The Masamune comes with 3 Feather blades. I have to say that, from experience, I am not a great fan of Feathers. Firstly, they are extremely sharp and if used by the inexperienced in the ‘wrong’ razor can be a tiger; and if one’s technique still needs to be honed cuts and weepers are almost inevitable. Secondly, I have found that after a couple of 3-pass shaves the blade’s performance drops off rapidly. However, in for a penny… In the Masamune these Feathers are an absolute pussycat! Smooth, efficient and nary a cut at all. I was impressed! That said, I still managed only 3 shaves before efficiency fell off and I changed blades. Thankfully, having tried several different blades, such as Wilkinson Sword, Personna Platinum and some other wet-shavers’ favourites, which it may be more prudent not to mention in the current political climate & world situation, I found these others proved just as efficient. Overall, then, IMHO the Masamune is an extremely well-built razor; is comfortable to hold, with a good grip; and efficient. For the most part I have used the closed comb bottom plate, and my comments refer to that in particular. I did also purchase the open comb plate, but on the odd occasion I have used it I haven’t found it as comfortable or easy to get on with – probably need more practice. But, for now, the Masamune head and closed comb plate combination provide a mild yet efficient shave, which is just what I want as a daily shaver. Needless to say this razor has found itself a permanent place in my rotation of favourite razors. I have observed on platforms such as Youtube that some reviewers don’t like certain aspects of the razor’s construction, e.g. the handle and the way it locates into the top plate. All I can say – again IMHO – if treated with care this razor could/should last a lifetime. Its design is such that everything fits and locks together beautifully. And, if the worst comes to the worst and accidents happen, it is reassuring to know that each individual component is available to purchase separately rather than having to buy a complete new razor. And there aren’t many artisan manufacturers around offering that kind of facility! So, bottom line, if you are looking for a mild, efficient razor that is beautifully crafted and engineered the Tatara Masamune is more than worthy of your attention. Keep up the good work, gentlemen! Best regards – and thank you for a brilliant razor!
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Jim Needham
I first bought the Masamue OC, design wise, materials and looking at the finish, the razor was perfect. But it didn’t work for me and my stubble of hard steel barbed wire. I can immagine a perfect razor for men with litle facial hair. So, I was disappointed. After some hesitation I decided to buy the Nodachi OC. In one word; wow!!!!!!. Loaded with an astra sp blade it gave me the smoothest shave I have ever experienced. Very effective, standard three passes and baby smooth all over without the slightest irritation. I’m a collector, I’ve more then 100 safety razors from vintage to modern, from the bottom priced to the very high-end brands. But the Nodachi OC beats them all. What a joy to shave with and what a result. I recommend this razor for all man who have a strong beard growth even with sensitive skin, as a daily driver. This razor is worth every penny and that’s an understatement. Frank
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I just got the Nodachi, an elegant, well-designed razor with heft (it is like holding a really solid chess piece). It is extremely efficient, especially with a Feather blade–newbies be careful! And the customer service is great: JB answered my emails immediately.
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"Tatara Razors, inspired by the precision and sharpness of ancient Japanese Samurai warrior swords, has gone from strength to strength"
"The quality and durability of Tatara Razors are what gives the product an incomparable sustainability."
"This razor can make any "samurai" become a legendary master on the first use"


Stop irritation and razor bumps.

We are not all the same.

Pick your razor from a line-up designed and built to accommodate your specific shaving preferences. We all have different moods, goals and available time to shave, so you can decide which Tatara razor will be a part of your routine. Take a look at the specs and get in touch if you need any advice.
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  • Stainless Steel & Titanium
  • Compatible with Nodachi
  • 3 pieces Design


Closed Comb:
BG: 0.63mm / BE: -0.13mm
Open Comb:
BG: 0.73mm / BE: -0.10mm
Masamune Nodachi
  • Stainless Steel & Titanium
  • Compatible with Masamune
  • 3 pieces Design


Closed Comb:
BG: 0.90mm / BE: 0.13mm
Open Comb:
BG: 0.90mm / BE: 0.13mm
  • Stainless Steel 316L
  • 5 Razors in 1
  • Patented Ajustable Safety Razor


Blade Gap
0.60mm to 0.90mm
Blade Exposure:
– 0.17mm to +0.17mm


Stop Irritation and Razor Bumps

Friends and Engineers

Driven by a common passion, we dreamt about clean and elegant safety razors. Fully inspired by a minimalistic design and with the goal of reaching a smooth and efficient shave, we set out to make those razors. We can’t begin tell you how proud we are of what we have achieved thus far and how exciting it is to “forge” Tatara around our community and friends.
André Guimarães
Is passionate about refined products for everyday use. He is a CNC machining expert and leads the manufacturing of high-quality products for various areas such as aerospace, medical and optical industry. After his master, he took a post-graduation in advanced machining and business management. Don’t mess with André! He’s a black belt in Karaté!
Luis Oliveira
Is a product designing specialist. This is very handy when it comes to designing our razors. He worked several years modelling automotive parts, where quality standards are high, just like in Tatara. He has a master in Automation and skills in laser engraving. Luis loves to travel, cinema, and you should see his cooking skills!
João Gomes
Is an innovation engineer that worked as a process engineer in investment casting producing turbines for the automotive and aviation industry. In recent years, João has been involved in R&D for Automotive Interiors.
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