Why Tatara Razors?

The name TATARA (鑪) is inspired by the furnace where the forge masters used to smelt the steel for Samurai swords in ancient Japan. Like the Japanese katanas, our products are made with extreme dedication and attention to detail. Combining this with the obsessive precision of modern engineering.

“TATARA Razors is proudly creating safety razors of rare sensitivity and strength”

Based in Porto, Portugal, we are an engineering team passionate about product development. We came together in September 2016 to dream, design, and develop TATARA’s shaving products.

By noticing a market saturation in non-differential DE razors we dare to imagine a clean and elegant safety razor (SR). This one, strongly supported by minimalism, design, and with the goal of reaching a smooth and efficient shaving.

While in product development we tried several combinations of blade gap, angle, and exposure. Through Safety razor users, we perceived that characteristics like vibration and blade alignment were actually crucial to reach a comfortable and smooth shave.

Assuring machining tolerances (0.02 mm), we could reinforce the right placing of the parts and limit the blade movements between the plate and the cap of the Safety razor.

However, we noticed other variables that were still affecting the shaving experience!

We knew we could help the wet shaving and we had just found our mission!

Misson: “To sustainably create exceptional long-lasting products, and provide a pleasurable and comfortable shaving experience.”

André Guimarães (left)

Is passionate about refined products for everyday use. He is a CNC machining expert and leads the manufacturing of high-quality products for various areas such as aerospace, medical and optical industry.
After his master, he took a post-graduation in advanced machining and business management. Don’t mess with André! He’s a black belt in Karaté!

João Gomes (right)

Is an innovation engineer that worked as a process engineer in investment casting producing turbines for the automotive and aviation industry. In recent years, he has been involved in Automotive Interiors R&D.

João enjoys playing the guitar as a hobby, and he is addicted to snowboarding!

Luis Oliveira (centre)

Is a product designing specialist. This is very handy when it comes to designing our razors. He worked for several years modeling automotive parts, where quality standards are high, just like in Tatara. He has a master’s in Automation and skills in laser engraving. Luis loves to travel, cinema, and you should see his cooking skills!


Tatara Razors

R. Alfredo Allen n.º 455/461,

4200-135 Porto

+351 913488413


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