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What is the best stainless steel shaving brush?



When choosing a shaving brush, there are several characteristics to take in consideration:

  • Manufacturers expertise
  • Quality materials
  • Weight
  • Hair type
  • And much more


Don’t you know which brush to choose?


Today we are here to talk about the different hair types and hope you could understand which type of stainless steel brush would you like to have. You can find more information about other characteristics here.



Finest Badger


Finest badger hair -> is a bit longer and thicker than regular badger hair. It has incredible water retention properties and holds your shaving cream superbly which results in less razor skipping and dragging, the major causes for skin irritation. Additionally, it cleans your skin from dirt and oils and opens your pores at the same time.
Also, the durability is remarkable, such so people claim to use a single badger brush for decades!


Premium Boar


Premium Boar -> has an additional exfoliant effect, which cleans your skin very well, keeping it clean and discouraging inward hair growing.


TATARA Brushes Specifications


  • Hair quality: Finest badger or Premium boar
  • Knot diameter: 24 mm
  • Knot height: 50 mm
  • Weight: 116 grams



On top of that, the handles are made from the same AISI 303 stainless steel so you can know it will also last a lifetime. They are CNC machined with the same quality, care and precision as our razors.


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