Disposable Razors vs Safety Razors

The topic “Disposable or Cartridge razors vs Safety razors” has been discussed several times before. These two types of razors have different characteristics and are liked by different users.

We are here to share some thoughts and explain the advantages and disadvantages of both razors:

Cartridge razors vs double edge safety razors


Disposable or Cartridge razors are a good and very easy option to use. Almost all of us started with one and the learning curve is so fast that even a child could learn how to use one.

However, once you learn more about the shaving wonders, disposable razors become almost not worthy of the “job”. Their lack of shaving efficiency and manoeuvrability gives the safety razors the upper hand.

Using a safety razor can help you to improve your shaving experience and will allow you to reach a smooth and comfortable shave without nicks or cuts.

Big Disposable razor brands assume that every skin is the same and that the more blades the better. In fact, is the opposite, many blades result in many contacts with your skin. This causes irritation and inborn hair. 

So, they end up being bad for your skin, cost a fortune in the long run and are not recyclable.

Tatara saves costs


Disposable and cartridge razors are the new plastic cups! The plastic from razors is bad for the environment. In 2020, there were 2 billion cartridge razors produced in the US alone. 2 Billion, with a B! The majority of these cartridges end up in the landfill or ocean, contaminating it for centuries to come.

disposable waste



When purchasing a high-end safety razor, the initial cost is higher, but due to the reduced cost of blades (0,20 € per unit), compared to the best seller cartridges on Amazon (2,5 €) you will have a return on your investment in 14 months.

The graph below shows how much money you will save in the long run by shaving with Tatara razors (compared with cartridge razors).

You can easily calculate these savings with our automatic calculator on our home page.



We are free to choose our favourite option and even use both for different reasons or purposes. That’s the beauty of it.

It’s clear what we have chosen, and for you?

What type of razors do you love the most, and why?

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