Tatara’s most innovative and unique creation

We are proud to share one of Tatara’s most innovative and unique creations.  A system – unique in the world – of adjustable sliding plates for safety razors. The patented solution differentiates itself by the ability to modify the contact point between the blade and the skin, just by turning the dial of the razor.

Muramasa adjustment


The Muramasa Adjustable Safety Razor, allows the exposure and blade gap to be adjusted at the same time, which makes it possible to alternate between a smoother or more aggressive shave.  The invention has been a great success and sales have taken place all over the world.


With the Muramasa it is possible – during shaving – to make various adjustments comprising a combination of blade gap and blade exposure values. Thus, you can shave comfortably on all contours of your face just by turning the knob without having to disassemble the appliance or add any extra parts.


Muramasa settings

In 2017 we came together with the goal to use modern engineering in shaving objects and launched our first model of razors, the Masamune. Today, Tatara Razors has three razor models, in matte and dark colour, all 100% developed and produced in Portugal that have already been sold to more than 60 countries.

Our products have a lifetime guarantee and can be used over and over again and each blade can last between five and eight uses. In addition, the cost of the blades – 20 to 40 cents – is far less than that of disposable razor blades – 2 to 3 euros – which translates into long-term savings.

It’s our commitment to provide our customers with the most pleasurable shaving experiences using a long-lasting carefully selected range of sustainable materials.

 Our products are an alternative to disposable razors and blades, as the materials used in their manufacture – are created in stainless steel & Titanium and finished by hand – giving the product superior quality and durability.


Sustainable razor

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