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The Impact of Disposable Razors. Why razor cartridges are the new plastic straws


Have you ever asked yourself how small plastic products that you use like disposable razors affect the environment? It is undeniable that life as we know it is under threat due to climate change. From sinking nation islands to extinction of marine life, floods, droughts, and wildfires, reducing environmental degradation and carbon footprint is more important now than ever before. So, how can you contribute to global efforts to combat climate change? For one, you can reduce your plastic waste by switching from products made from plastic like disposable razors to sustainable plastic-free products, such as safety razors.


How Do Disposable Razors Impact the Environment?


Plastic has emerged as one of the most significant contributors to environmental degradation. Even though nations have ramped up recycling of plastics, disposable recycling razors are difficult and expensive since it is made of both plastic and metal. The cost of the inputs and labor needed to separate plastic and metal from a ton of disposable razors exceeds the combined value of the plastic and metal attained at the end of the recycling process.

According to the Environment Protection Agency, 2 billion disposable razors were used and disposed of per year in the 1980s and 1990s. This is enough to go halfway to the moon.



A report by Euromonitor indicates that US consumers spent $1.2 billion on disposable razors in 2018. With the price of most disposable razors being around $1, the number of razors disposed of per year is nearly a billion, more or less. That’s enough to wrap around the world several times.

The issue with disposable razors is that most are useful for six to nine shaves only before they become blunt and disposed of. If you shave three times a week, you will shave 156 times per year, and over 9900 times in your lifetime. You will go through between 20 and 30 razors per year with a total of over 1500 disposable razors in a lifetime. This turns into billions if you multiply the number of disposable razors used in a lifetime by the millions of users.


Since there are no solutions to recycle disposable razors means that all these razors will end up somewhere. Be it in a landfill, ocean, or lake, and each disposable razor will increase carbon and toxic compounds into the environment.

The environmental impact of disposable is highlighted by factors. Firstly, plastics used for disposable razors are produced from chemicals derived from oil, natural gas, and coal. Secondly, the plastic handle and head of disposable razors can take 450 years or more to decompose. This means that the disposable razor that you dispose of will be releasing these toxic chemicals into the environment gradually for the next four hundred years.



What makes disposable razors worse than other products is the combination of plastic and metal. Apart from the chemicals released by plastic, the environment also has to take in the chemicals released as the blades rust and degrade.


How can You Contribute to the Protection of the Environment?


To contribute to environmental protection, you can adopt eco-friendly shaving. Even though switching from disposable razors to sustainable razors as a person does not contribute immensely to the reduction of plastic pollution, addressing environmental issues facing societies today can only be accomplished as a collective. Just like disposable razors of each person adds up to billions, this number can also be reduced to zero by replacing disposable razors of every person with a sustainable plastic-free safety razor. You lead the way and contribute to the cause by switching to eco-friendly shaving using sustainable safety razors like the Masamune Series offered by Tatara.


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