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Masamune Brush Premium Boar

CNC machined in AISI 303 high-grade stainless steel, hand-finished, and sandblasted. Premium Boar hair. Also available with Finest Badger hair.

Knot Height – 50 mm
Ø Knot – 24 mm
Handle Height – 51 mm
Weight – 116 grams

Just had to leave a comment on this wonderful product . I had been using the masamune with closed comb. As a person that got cuts just unwrapping a feather blade was a bit sceptical changing to the open comb. Not anymore ,great feeling ,so smooth. Yup bit pricey but I would recommend to all . Great bit of kit.
Everyone into their wet shaving knows very well the YMMV saying (Your Mileage May Vary). And this is of course applicable not just to what blades you use but also razors, soaps and brushes. It basically means whatever someone finds perfect you may not feel quite the same towards. And this is a reason why reviews written by others don't carry so much weight. You have to see things for yourself. And that is exactly what I have done with Tatara Masamune. In my opinion this is a perfectly executed razor. The craftsmanship, tolernaces and materials can't be faulted. It's an absolute exquisite razor. Also the unboxing is an experience in itself. I mainly bought the Masamune because everyone said is a mild razor. And mild razors are my preference. But personally I did not find it as mild as I expected it to be. I would say it sits at the very top threshold of what I consider mild. And I tried it with a total of nearly 20 different blades. It gives a smooth shave but with more of a bite than I like. Fabulous razor but not one that I'll keep in my rotation. Of course YMMV so do give it a try !
Coming from a feather AS-D2, every bit as smooth, zero razor burn, and a close shave with less effort. Any razors will give you a close smooth shave but how much work it will take to get there separates them
Sean Sylvia
Nodachi top ,, masamune base plate it s my favourite every two days !its a lifetime piece...
Was deciding between Masamune and Muramasa. Ended up with Masamune because I love its minimalist design more, with spare cash went to Tatara Finest Badger Brush. Muramasa is bolder, definitely live up to its name. But I love the peaceful look of Masamune, a touch of cuteness with the ball shaped part on handle, and overall head looks like a Japan shrine to me. They have created a timeless design IMO. Maybe the Muramasa is more superior, but I don't need its adjustability and many settings (kinda complicate things for me). I buy things follow my heart, the Masamune speaks to me and so it is. And you will see why I don't need more. What I did purchase: Nodachi top cap + Nodachi CC + Masamune CC + Masamune Handle + Finest Badger Brush. I have been using the full Nodachi and Badger Brush for 3 weeks now. Well balanced razor so very intuitive to use from the first shave. Grips are great on the handle. I have used the following blade in sequence weekly: Astra Green>Perma Sharp>Feather on full Nodachi. It surprises me from the first shave to the last using Feather (my first use of Feather on any razor). Contrary to what most mention full Nodachi and Feather is aggressive, I found them to be not aggressive but very smooth. I only have one other razor which is Rockwell 6C, I use it at plate 6 all the time (Yup, I am only 4 months into wet shaving). The Nodachi on any blade is much smoother than 6C @ 6. After my first use, I can't believe that. So I have to make sure I really get the Nodachi cap instead of Masamune cap since there is no marking (you differentiate them with thread length). The blade clamping really works as you feel the blade is more rigid. That with CNC machined tight tolerance provides much smoother shave than molded 6C. At this point, my Masamune CC is still brand new in the box... Full Nodachi is not aggressive, I found its blade feel is even little lesser than 6C @ 6. I will get bitten during ATG on mustache area using 6C @ 6 if not being mindful, but I don't feel worry at all using Nodachi. I love the slim and lighter weight on Masamune handle, both combine to help in precision and control. Part of the reason Nodachi is smoother than 6C is because of its lighter weight too. Lighter weight makes it much easier to control pressure and angle, and the benefits are very pronounce during XTG and ATG. Although heavier razor during WTG is easier sliding down with the help of gravity, like a Touring car that is very smooth in cruising. Lighter razor is like a Sports car that is very nimble and responsive, particularly in curves. I don't have much experience in brush either, I only have two other synthetic brush (Omega S and Yaqi Tuxedo). This is my first animal hair brush. The handle has great grip, ergonomic where your fingers just rest below the lip which also helps to hold lather. I love its design like I do their razor. 24mm knot is small but does gets as wide as a 26mm bulb knot post bloom. The tip is little scritchy unlike super soft tips on synthetic. The backbone is very strong on this, the lower knot height helps I think. Feels on face are great, little scrubby and controlled splay. Release lather well so cleaning it is easy. But synthetic release lather instantly which makes it much easier to clean.
Raymond Foo

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