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Masamune Nodachi Razor

All TATARA products are 100% produced in Portugal, is CNC machined in AISI 303 high-grade stainless steel, hand finished and sandblasted, in order to give the beautiful final effect to a high-quality product.

A fabulous, V8 of a razor that is super smooth, and just did a wipeout job on two days' growth with a Russian-made King C. Gillette blade. I use a number of aluminum/light razors, so the Masamune's weight takes a minor adjustment when I switch, but a light touch and a vigorous face brush lathering with a highly moisturizing shaving soap or paste, and the combination makes short order of highly effective cleanup.
Todd Rollin
I recently purchased a Masamune and could not be happier with it. It's truly a thing of engineering beauty. Super smooth to shave with, produces excellent results after two passes. My only other razor is a Rockwell 6S, and the Masamune is a very different experience. The closest plate on the 6s to the Masamune is probably a 5, but the feel and efficiency is very different - the Masamune is more efficient while being similarly smooth.
Jonathan Underwood
superb razor,I used it the day I got it and wow,this rasor is super smooth and super efficient,I had about 4 days growth and I only needed two passes for a very smooth shave,the quality of this razor is excellent,and it looks really good,I bought the Masamune Nodachi razor in dark,and am so glad I have,best razor I have got.
Michael Scoble
Okay so ordered the Masumune Nodachi razor after watching Kevy shaves on YT. First shave was stunning. In my collection have a Gillette Fatboy, Gillette Redtip, Merkur Slant and ES Outlaw. I only use Feather blades, nothing else is as smooth for me. Have used lots of different creams, but am now pretty much settled on Proraso Green and Red.I have been wet shaving for over 15 years. First shave was with supplied Feather blade, Proraso Green pre-shave and Proraso Green shave cream, almond sized dollop whipped up using Kent BK2 brush in an Aesop shave bowl. 1 pass WTG, 1 ATG and touch up! This is a very smooth razor, blade gap would indicate otherwise but be careful not to apply any pressure let the blade do the work, let it rest against your face. Stunning shave mowed through 5 days growth effortlessly, that I had save up for this shave. I have thick stubble which grows quickly, I shave every day. For those with not have such thick stubble I would say go with the Masumune as this may be a little too aggressive for you. The shave for me was like a mix between a slant and the outlaw but oh so smooth and about 10-15% more efficient. Make sure your cream is slick and cushioning, take your time making a nice thick lather. Highly recommended for those with thick stubble. The balance is perfect and those dimples provide sufficient grip, it did not slip once. Love the massive lather channels, easily rinse out. Gorgeous finish, worth every penny. Pressure wise let it glide across the face, if you can feel the blade there is too much pressure. Great modern take on the DE razor, stunning design and stunning finish, exquisitely made. Stunning shave. Well done Team Tatara !
Tariq B
I own 50 Stainless Steel Razor and now the Masamune Nodachi, I say ; wow, wow, wow, wow, a wonderful shaver, very good, a very good purchase. 5 Sterne !!
Paul Laszka

The Masamune Nodachi Razor is an update from the Masamune Razor. Like the original
Nodachi katanas, it is longer and the blade feeling is amplified. All in favor of a closer and sharper shaving experience.





tatara razors

With its high blade gap and a positive exposition, you can feel the blade sliding smoothly along your face, achieving an exceptionally close shave.


CNC machined from a solid 100%
high-grade Stainless Steel

To ensure maximum performance and longevity, all the pieces are made
from solid material and machined with tolerances up to 0,02mm.

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Classic 3 pieces design

The Masamune series is in all aspects focused
in simplicity and minimalism.

It features the simple and classic 3 pieces assembly design
that will never get old or compromise

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Unique fitting system

Specially designed for the Masume Razor and one of the exclusive specifications. It is responsible for:

– High perpendicularity between handle and razor head which permits a better precision during the shaving:

– Symmetrical load distribution on the threads preventing excessive wear and increasing resistance.

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Blade vibration-damping design

The wide contact area that supports the blade between the cap and base plate is one of the most important features of our razors. It guarantees that the blade does not vibrate during the shave, giving the smoothest shave possible.

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Combine pieces. Find your best combination

Exchanging parts between Masamune and Masamune Nodachi is 100% possible.
Combine pieces and enjoy different blade exposures and gaps.

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The Dark Edition

All Masamune Razors have the Dark edition.
The black PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) is a thin film coating process with a high adherence applied through a vacuum deposition process of highly ionized plasma in a PVD machine, at high temperatures. This allows obtaining coatings of high purity, chemically inert and biocompatible.
This process is also made in Portugal.

Black Masamune


Every piece is hand finished

All pieces from the Masamune Razors are hand finished to extinguish every machining marks and to soften all the edges.


Sandblast finish

The sandblast treatment is done manually, piece by piece, to achieve a smoother and peaceful look.


Cork packaging. Natural, premium and sustainable

Your Masamune Razor will be packed in a natural cork box, involved by a black silk paper, and sealed manually with black wax.
Cork is the bark of the cork oak, which means that it is 100% natural plant tissue.
Cork is the only wood that you can obtain without cutting the tree.

tatara razors

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