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Natural Cork Stand

This Natural Cork Stand allows you to safely and beautifully arrange your TATARA products in one place. It has the purpose of putting away all accessories after use but also have them easily accessible when you want to shave.

Dimensions: 118x78x25 mm

Cavities:  1 x Ø45 mm for the razor stand & 1 x Ø28 mm for the brush

Pockets: 4 x 26x6x15 mm for blades, cap and plates

I wanted to wait a while before posting my review on my recently purchased Muramasa razor, and 100+ days later I can do so objectively and honestly. I have struggled for years in finding a razor that works for my sensitive face rather than against it. The Muramasa is just such a razor, no razor burn, no irritation, nothing but close and smooth shaves no matter the blade I am using. Even with a Feather blade I have no concerns and that is really amazing to me. Of course I use a #1 setting most times, because it works for my face. If I don’t shave for a day or two I can bump up the setting to a 2 or 3 and with subsequent passes can notch it down. It’s taken years of frustration and varying degrees of facial discomfort to finally find a razor that i can call my own and the Muramasa is just that, mine. A razor for all faces and before you balk at the price, ask yourself how much longer do you want shaving your face to be something to dread? I thank Tatara for bringing back the enjoyment of shaving.
Anthony DeMedeiros
Se sei un collezionista puoi continuare a comprare tutti i rasoi che vuoi... Altrimenti ti puoi fermare qui. Questo è il rasoio definitivo che soddisfa a 360° ogni caratteristica. Esteticamente bellissimo, materiale eccellente, rifiniture maniacali ed efficacia di rasatura sorprendente. Si raggiunge il BBS senza problemi. Secondo me NON è adatto ad un neofita in quanto la sua gentilezza inganna: può portare il tonsore a "spingere" provocandosi dei danni (tagli o irritazioni). Va usato con mano leggera e lasciato scorrere dal momento che scivola come sul velluto. Per me il rasoio definitivo.
With Tatara I was able to find the perfect combo between exposure and smoothness. It's been several years I was looking for this kind of traditional razor after trying many ones and Tatara did it. Congratulations for this great company who more than capable of making great razors which are beautiful and so efficient, they also have a great communication with their clients with special needs like me. A big 5 stars for this great company!!
My Muramasa has given me awesome shaves every time I’ve used it!!…and shipping was SUUUUPER fast Braddah Joao!!…The Muramasa is in my opinion the ONLY Fully adjustable razor in the industry, with its ability to adjust BOTH blade gap AND blade exposure simultaneously!!…you guys are truly talented engineers!!Much Mahalos and Thanks for all your help and awesome customer service Braddahs!!🙏🙏👊🏻👊🏻🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
In first af all i want to say that tha TATARA MASAMUNE razor is the best razor i had ever had and i have some premium razors but nothing compares to my Masamune,in second i want to thank to JOÃO GOMES which is a great person,my respect.
Moisă Iulian

Thinking about your daily passion and knowing that you like to take good care of your razor and it’s parts, we decided to create a Natural Cork Stand to hold your shaving gear.


In each stand, you will be able to hold your:


-Razor Base


-Extra Plates or Caps



The natural material of the stand is native to Portugal and it has impermeable properties that make it ideal to stand beside your sink.

Cork is the bark of the cork oak, which means that it is 100% natural plant tissue. Cork is also the only wood that you can obtain without cutting the tree.



Natural cork stand


Natural Cork Stand

Dimensions: 120x78x25 mm

Cavities: 1x Ø45 mm for the razor stand & 1 x Ø28 mm for the brush

Pockets: 4 x  26x6x15 mm


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