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Natural Cork Stand

This Natural Cork Stand allows you to safely and beautifully arrange your TATARA products in one place. It has the purpose of putting away all accessories after use but also have them easily accessible when you want to shave.

Dimensions: 118x78x25 mm

Cavities:  1 x Ø45 mm for the razor stand & 1 x Ø28 mm for the brush

Pockets: 4 x 26x6x15 mm for blades, cap and plates

Ho acquistato il rasoio Tatara Muramasa...un rasoio eccellente come materiali e fattura. Un rasoio che non può mancare nella bacheca di un collezionista. Dolce ma allo stesso tempo efficace grazie alla possibilità di regolarlo come si preferisce. Un nuovo ed innovativo concetto di regolabile nel mondo dei rasoi di sicurezza. Si potrebbe scrivere all'infinito per descriverlo, ma bisogna davvero provarlo per capirne e godere di tutti i pregi di questo rasoio. Ma altrettanto eccellente è il team che c'è dietro a tutto questo. Un team sempre pronto ad aiutarti e seguirti passo passo. Un team professionale e gentile. Ottimo lavoro ragazzi.
The Tatara Murasame is the best DE razor for me out there. Period. Unbelievably comfortable in all settings, yet more efficient than other razors with a lot more aggressivity. Zero blade chatter none at all! Very good quality, perfect balance in the shaving feel. Congratulations to the Team this one is really a unique adjustable razor! The only "problem" is that I am having a hard time now using my other still good quality razors after experiencing this one... :) Good work guys keep on! Best Regards, Gabor
About construction: Materials are OK, superb machining. Only one problem, when you make the setting it is very difficult to see. You need to read the setting in a hole of 2 mm in diameter, which either you have very good eyes, either you use magnifying glass like me. For this reason I give 3 stars for ease of use. Also the handle length is very short ( only 70 mm from comb to the end of handle ). They should fabricate another handle like Nodachi for people who like long handle. Another 3 stars for this. Quality of shaving, very good, 5 stars. Overall I give 4 stars.
The Muramusa is an efficient and smooth razor. It is very well built and to very high tolerances. This is not my first Tatara razor, having previously purchased the Masamune razor and also very pleased with that razor. The only quibble that I have with the Muramusa is it’s shortish handle and the setting number is very hard to see due to its tiny size. Apart from those two niggles I am very happy with my purchase and this razor is easily in my top five razor list, and I have some very fine razors in my collection. To sum up, I can wholeheartedly recommend this razor (and the Masamune).
I will not comment on the excellent construction, weight and feel and look of this razor, all these are common to all Tatara razors. I will only comment on three big problems this razor has created to a few words, no matter the level of aggressiveness I set it (i.e. 3, 4 or even 5) I do not feel the is like using a super mild razor! The problem? I feel insecure about the effectiveness of the razor and after each stroke I stop and test how well shaved is my skin...and I am sick and tired to hear me saying: woooow!!! Another problem is that I cannot do a 3rd pass anymore...2 passes give me more than a BBS...and this has dropped the pleasure of my shaving ritual to two thirds...The last problem is that I cannot go back to my other razors, premium range most of them. All in all, this piece of h/w has created to me the most pleasant problems in my life...should I note if this razor is highly recommended or not?
Anastasios Kagkas

Thinking about your daily passion and knowing that you like to take good care of your razor and it’s parts, we decided to create a Natural Cork Stand to hold your shaving gear.


In each stand, you will be able to hold your:


-Razor Base


-Extra Plates or Caps



The natural material of the stand is native to Portugal and it has impermeable properties that make it ideal to stand beside your sink.

Cork is the bark of the cork oak, which means that it is 100% natural plant tissue. Cork is also the only wood that you can obtain without cutting the tree.



Natural cork stand


Natural Cork Stand

Dimensions: 120x78x25 mm

Cavities: 1x Ø45 mm for the razor stand & 1 x Ø28 mm for the brush

Pockets: 4 x  26x6x15 mm


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