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David Laing says:

My 3rd razor from Tatara. The first 2 have been fantastic, yet the appeal of the adjustable has been very tempting and I finally purchased on Black Friday, together with the Boar shaving brush. The big drawcard is that its like my previous ones, still handmade and engineered by these guys in Portugal and nothing comes close to this workmanship. In a few words , their razors work of engineering art , unmatched quality and in a class of its own. The first thing I noticed is the Murumasa adjustable system is really great in teh way its designed, tooled and the weight is excellent and finishing perfect. I can say its value for money given what clearly goes into this razor and the extreme quality of it. The other key take here is the actual shave experience. I paired it with A &E “Chasing the Dragon” shave soap and had a brilliant shave. started on high setting and finished my 3rd pass on mid setting. The weighting is excellent and the shave result is 100% BBS with no nicks and incredibly smooth. This is so rare for a first shave with a new tool. Yet this is the Porsche 911 of razors, an engineering master piece and of unmatched quality.I can without hesitation recommend this razor to anyone looking for excellent value for money over time and wishing to find and own the ultimate DE razor!

bychkovw says:

For almost a year now I have been shaving with the Masamune set + Nodachi cover. I can confidently say that this is an excellent bond in any shave mode. I can shave calmly every day and every 48 hours. This razor provides a smooth, comfortable and soft shave with any blade. Well, a lot has already been said about the appearance, it never ceases to please the owner of this razor. I recommend with all hands to purchase the products of this manufacturer. This is the standard.

Luke says:

The Masamune Premium Boar Brush really is a thing of beauty. Pictures don’t do justice to how good the handle looks, and it feels equally beautiful in the hand. Very high quality product.

Stainless steel boar brushes are much harder to come by than badgers or synthetics and I spent many hours online trying to find a stainless boar brush to complete my collection. I couldn’t be happier that I stumbled across the Masamune. I’m still in the phase of breaking in the brush bristles but it performed wonderfully straight out of the box.

Jorge Dolz says:

Escribo en español para la comunidad hispana del afeitado clásico que somos muchos.
Yo tengo la Masamune completa y la peana. Estuve entre ésta o con la tapa Nodichi para darle un toque más “apurador”. Me decanté por esta por lo que suelo decir, prefiero tres pasadas placenteras que una puñetera.
Lo primero que llama la atención es el estupendo embalaje y una vez en la mano la calidad que rezuma, tanto en mecanizado como en acabados. Imposible encontrar una defecto. En cuento al afeitado, la catalogaría como suave a la par que efectiva. Una grand compra totalmente recomendable.
Jorge Dolz

Anthony DeMedeiros says:

I wanted to wait a while before posting my review on my recently purchased Muramasa razor, and 100+ days later I can do so objectively and honestly. I have struggled for years in finding a razor that works for my sensitive face rather than against it. The Muramasa is just such a razor, no razor burn, no irritation, nothing but close and smooth shaves no matter the blade I am using. Even with a Feather blade I have no concerns and that is really amazing to me. Of course I use a #1 setting most times, because it works for my face. If I don’t shave for a day or two I can bump up the setting to a 2 or 3 and with subsequent passes can notch it down. It’s taken years of frustration and varying degrees of facial discomfort to finally find a razor that i can call my own and the Muramasa is just that, mine.

A razor for all faces and before you balk at the price, ask yourself how much longer do you want shaving your face to be something to dread? I thank Tatara for bringing back the enjoyment of shaving.

spinergy4646 says:

Se sei un collezionista puoi continuare a comprare tutti i rasoi che vuoi…
Altrimenti ti puoi fermare qui.
Questo è il rasoio definitivo che soddisfa a 360° ogni caratteristica.
Esteticamente bellissimo, materiale eccellente, rifiniture maniacali ed efficacia di rasatura sorprendente.
Si raggiunge il BBS senza problemi.
Secondo me NON è adatto ad un neofita in quanto la sua gentilezza inganna: può portare il tonsore a “spingere” provocandosi dei danni (tagli o irritazioni).
Va usato con mano leggera e lasciato scorrere dal momento che scivola come sul velluto.
Per me il rasoio definitivo.

Fabien says:

With Tatara I was able to find the perfect combo between exposure and smoothness. It’s been several years I was looking for this kind of traditional razor after trying many ones and Tatara did it. Congratulations for this great company who more than capable of making great razors which are beautiful and so efficient, they also have a great communication with their clients with special needs like me. A big 5 stars for this great company!!

Eric says:

My Muramasa has given me awesome shaves every time I’ve used it!!…and shipping was SUUUUPER fast Braddah Joao!!…The Muramasa is in my opinion the ONLY Fully adjustable razor in the industry, with its ability to adjust BOTH blade gap AND blade exposure simultaneously!!…you guys are truly talented engineers!!Much Mahalos and Thanks for all your help and awesome customer service Braddahs!!🙏🙏👊🏻👊🏻🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼

Moisă Iulian says:

In first af all i want to say that tha TATARA MASAMUNE razor is the best razor i had ever had and i have some premium razors but nothing compares to my Masamune,in second i want to thank to JOÃO GOMES which is a great person,my respect.

Stefano says:

Ho acuistato il rasoio con cap Nodachi, piastra Masamune e manico Nodachi mini. Rasoio lavorato benissimo, eccellente la confezione e l’imballaggio. L’unico difetto che ci posso trovare è che me lo aspettavo più delicato, probabilmente dovevo optare per il cap Masamune.

Ferdinand Hoischen says:

I bought the Masamune and I just had my first shave with it. The best shave I ever had! The Masamune is impeccably built, works precise and very smooth, both with and against the direction of hair growth, even smoother than the Feather razor, no cuts, no skin irritation. Simply perfect! And it’s excellent with the Feather blade. I highly recommend it. It’s way better than any multi-blade razor I know – and I know a lot.

Moki says:

Just had to leave a comment on this wonderful product . I had been using the masamune with closed comb. As a person that got cuts just unwrapping a feather blade was a bit sceptical changing to the open comb. Not anymore ,great feeling ,so smooth. Yup bit pricey but I would recommend to all . Great bit of kit.

ATG says:

Everyone into their wet shaving knows very well the YMMV saying (Your Mileage May Vary). And this is of course applicable not just to what blades you use but also razors, soaps and brushes. It basically means whatever someone finds perfect you may not feel quite the same towards. And this is a reason why reviews written by others don’t carry so much weight. You have to see things for yourself.
And that is exactly what I have done with Tatara Masamune.
In my opinion this is a perfectly executed razor. The craftsmanship, tolernaces and materials can’t be faulted. It’s an absolute exquisite razor. Also the unboxing is an experience in itself.
I mainly bought the Masamune because everyone said is a mild razor. And mild razors are my preference. But personally I did not find it as mild as I expected it to be. I would say it sits at the very top threshold of what I consider mild. And I tried it with a total of nearly 20 different blades.
It gives a smooth shave but with more of a bite than I like.
Fabulous razor but not one that I’ll keep in my rotation.
Of course YMMV so do give it a try !

Sean Sylvia says:

Coming from a feather AS-D2, every bit as smooth, zero razor burn, and a close shave with less effort. Any razors will give you a close smooth shave but how much work it will take to get there separates them

kostas says:

Nodachi top ,, masamune base plate it s my favourite every two days !its a lifetime piece…

Raymond Foo says:

Was deciding between Masamune and Muramasa. Ended up with Masamune because I love its minimalist design more, with spare cash went to Tatara Finest Badger Brush. Muramasa is bolder, definitely live up to its name. But I love the peaceful look of Masamune, a touch of cuteness with the ball shaped part on handle, and overall head looks like a Japan shrine to me. They have created a timeless design IMO. Maybe the Muramasa is more superior, but I don’t need its adjustability and many settings (kinda complicate things for me). I buy things follow my heart, the Masamune speaks to me and so it is. And you will see why I don’t need more.

What I did purchase: Nodachi top cap + Nodachi CC + Masamune CC + Masamune Handle + Finest Badger Brush.

I have been using the full Nodachi and Badger Brush for 3 weeks now. Well balanced razor so very intuitive to use from the first shave. Grips are great on the handle. I have used the following blade in sequence weekly: Astra Green>Perma Sharp>Feather on full Nodachi. It surprises me from the first shave to the last using Feather (my first use of Feather on any razor). Contrary to what most mention full Nodachi and Feather is aggressive, I found them to be not aggressive but very smooth. I only have one other razor which is Rockwell 6C, I use it at plate 6 all the time (Yup, I am only 4 months into wet shaving). The Nodachi on any blade is much smoother than 6C @ 6. After my first use, I can’t believe that. So I have to make sure I really get the Nodachi cap instead of Masamune cap since there is no marking (you differentiate them with thread length). The blade clamping really works as you feel the blade is more rigid. That with CNC machined tight tolerance provides much smoother shave than molded 6C.

At this point, my Masamune CC is still brand new in the box… Full Nodachi is not aggressive, I found its blade feel is even little lesser than 6C @ 6. I will get bitten during ATG on mustache area using 6C @ 6 if not being mindful, but I don’t feel worry at all using Nodachi. I love the slim and lighter weight on Masamune handle, both combine to help in precision and control. Part of the reason Nodachi is smoother than 6C is because of its lighter weight too. Lighter weight makes it much easier to control pressure and angle, and the benefits are very pronounce during XTG and ATG. Although heavier razor during WTG is easier sliding down with the help of gravity, like a Touring car that is very smooth in cruising. Lighter razor is like a Sports car that is very nimble and responsive, particularly in curves.

I don’t have much experience in brush either, I only have two other synthetic brush (Omega S and Yaqi Tuxedo). This is my first animal hair brush. The handle has great grip, ergonomic where your fingers just rest below the lip which also helps to hold lather. I love its design like I do their razor. 24mm knot is small but does gets as wide as a 26mm bulb knot post bloom. The tip is little scritchy unlike super soft tips on synthetic. The backbone is very strong on this, the lower knot height helps I think. Feels on face are great, little scrubby and controlled splay. Release lather well so cleaning it is easy. But synthetic release lather instantly which makes it much easier to clean.

Serge says:

Masamune open comb, I love it. Great razor, very smooth , even with a feather blade, but for a daily shave, I prefer a milder blade. The razor is worth its money.

Greg says:

I have recently purchased a Nodachi base and cap with a Masamune handle along with a Masamune base plate for those days I prefer a milder shave. So far, I really like the performance of the Nodachi head mated to the Masamune handle. The overall quality of the razor is superb and it feels very nimble while shaving. Shaving performance is off the charts. This razor is very smooth and efficient without irritating my skin. BBS in 3 passes with a couple of touch ups. The Masamune base with Nodachi cap is also very nice. A little milder, yet still very efficient.

The Tatara is becoming my favorite razor. High quality, fantastic shaves, and leaves my skin feeling great. What more could you ask for? Thanks Tatara.

Chris Russ says:

I’ve received the Muramasa and it is beautiful. So nicely made and I really appreciate the effort required to make it.

It shaves very nicely- with a feather blade so far.

The delivery came early – very speedy delivery with Fedex.

I’m so impressed with your product, service and communication. Absolutely wonderful.

Thanks again.

Ricardo Carlos says:

Muito contente com a compra!
Foi realmente um bom presente de anos.

Sergey Zakharov says:

Thank you for the quality products. Tatara razors are effective, beautiful, give a high-quality shave without injuries. For me, they became # 1, replacing all the other razors. Sincerely, Sergey Zakharov (Russia, Novosibirsk).

César Alves says:

Muito bom!
Aconselho vivamente: não corta a pele e não irrita.
Bom produto!

D Huff says:

I’ve been the happy owner of a Masamune for two weeks at this point. Consistently smooth, irritation-free shaves are easy to achieve with this razor in two passes. With usage, my results have improved over time as I have improved my technique and learned to hold it at the proper angle.

john rutkowsky says:

hi john rutkowsky here got my masamune nodachi april 19th had a shave with it i am 100 percent lost for words been wet shaving for alittle over 2 years now and gotta say i have never had a shave so close keep up the amazing work look forward to getting the muramasa down the road thanks for answering all my questions asp and making such fine razors thanks again john rutkowsky my email is not working but you can leave a reply on my facebook

Bogdan says:

The OC Nodachi is one of the finest razors I’ve ever tried. Paired with a mini handle it’s just an incredibly smooth, efficient and greatly balanced tool! I own as well the Closed Comb and enjoy both throughly. The customer service is absolute tops! Very responsive, helpful and a pleasure to deal with! I couldn’t recommend more!

Joži Greňa says:

Hi. Today I shaved for the first time with a brand new Masamune Nodachi razor (closed comb). It’s an absolutely amazing machine. The design, workmanship and even the shave itself is fantastic! Very good job!!! Another piece of jewelry for my collection.

David Laing says:

Cost must always be compared properly to true value. After several “cheaper” and “famous” brand razors over the last couple of decades of DE shaving, I splashed out and brought My Masamune and Masamune Nodachi. I must say they have opened my eyes to a new level quality which is simply excellent value Both Tatara razors are a real delight in delivering incredible BBS shaves time and time again, regardless of blades. It`s really good knowing these are handmade in Portugal too. You will not regret . It is a level of handmade quality and performance which is unmatched by all other DE razors out there.

Colm White says:

Ordered a nodachi head and masamune handle.Very nice shave close and smooth.Build quality superb.
Highly recommended.

dl says:

Let me first say this. I’m not the youngest guy and with a busy job, wife & kids I never have time to leave reviews and also hate to waste time to….yet this experience has forced me to do these guys deserve the press!

First, I have been shaving with DE razors for many years. I own several shavers..Merkur , Muhle, Razorock Gamechanger 0.84, 0.68 and BBS , Slim Gillette and so on.

Of these the Razorock 0.84 and BBS lead the pack…Yet that was only until my Masamune Nodachi arrived.

In a few words the Masamune Nodachi is of a level of quality and performance that is truly unmatched and simply miles ahead of all the others.

It gives me a true BBS shave in 2 passes with the Feather or Dorco blades , yes I repeat again 2 passes!!. Even with the worst blades I have which are Ladas it does a BBS in 3 passes!!

The razor is truly incredible. It is solid, super high quality , like a piece of art…but best of all it shaves with perfection regardless of any blades is unlike no other razor out there. Simply Perfection is reached each Shave!

After this I have realised you really do get what you pay for. This is not cheap but its worth every cent as it is the highest quality and better still its made in Europe by 3 hotshot young Engineers whom take no compromise on quality.

It took me a long time to consider if it was worth it put down the amount of coin they asked for this shaver, yet I can say I`m really stoked and glad I did.

This is the best purchase I have ever made and its worth more than all the others together

If like me you want to just to experience the finest feeling across my face when shaving then the best afterwards with BBS achieved each time, in a short period, then this is the answer

BTW-I use Proraso pre shave with either Castle Forbes or Simpsons creams or La Savonniere Du Moulin Shaving Soap or Musgo Real and use Castle Forbes or Musgo Real aftershaves…Combined with the Nodachi perfection is achieved every time! Rest of Shavers? You want them ..go to eBay ..but be warned ..they cheap , but are junk compared to the Masamune Nodachi!

Russ says:

I am enjoying the best shaves of my life thanks to my new Masamune razor. I have both baseplates but mostly use the solid bar as I find myself shaving daily for some reason.. If I can wait 4 or more days, l use the open comb plate and it is superb too, its great for cleaning up the back of the neck area as well.

Harry Lau says:

I’ve used the Nodachi SB for several months now and absolutely loved it. I recently acquired the OC version and I can honestly say that I am ABSOLUTELY blown away.

The Nodachi OC for me is the perfect balance of efficiency, bladefeel and smoothness. The open comb adds even more efficiency on top of the outstanding SB version, easily taking down several days growth and is the smoothest, high efficiency razor I have ever come across.

Where it excels and differs from many razors out there is that even though there is a positive blade exposure, it never feels rough or threatening. In all its smoothness, you can still feel the edge of the blade, giving you a wonderful sense of presence and awareness.

The tight clamping mechanism eliminates blade flex/chatter and transmits the tactile sensation of the cutting down the handle.

The open comb plate has corner combs that are slightly wider to guard against the blade corner from coming into contact with the skin from between the teeth. Each individual comb tooth is well smoothed and rounded giving an incredibly smooth shave. This is the BEST engineered open comb I have ever used.

Kudos to the Tatara team, on an amazing product. My only request for improvement is for the dimpling to extend another inch down the handle… the current dimpling band is slightly too narrow for my fingers. Another wish I would have is to get the razor in 316L Stainless steel with a mirror polish 🙂 Thanks guys for one of the best razors I have ever owned.

Mukit miah says:

I’m a new shaver I only had three razor Edwin Jagger razor de89 Edwin Jagger razor 3one6 and karve Christopher Bradley before I brought the Tatara nodachi can honestly say with hand on heart the Tatara Nodachi is the best razor I own it is a aggressive razor but it does not feel aggressive if it feels really smooth.

Bogdan says:

The Nodachi is an absolutely amazing razor. Very smooth, extremely efficient, perfect tolerances and spotless finish!!! It may well become my favourite razor! Well done guys!

Rui Alberto Alves says:

Tatara Masamune: Smoothest shave i ever experienced, done by a security razor. My search is done. Thanks guys.

Russell Cheek says:

I’ve now had eight shaves with the Masamune Nodachi, using both closed and open combs. I couldn’t wait to try this razor, and, being a wet-shaver of some fourteen years experience, I was perhaps a little too cavalier with a new Feather blade first up in the closed comb…!

I frowned, wiped away the blood, and immediately thought – “Well, I’m going to have to try a few combinations here – Masamune base-plate with Nodachi Top-cap – and vice-versa, etc, etc, to find a MILDER configuration…!

Fortunately, I had the perspicacity to try a few other blades first:
Nacet, Gillette Platinum, Polsilver, Kai and Gillette 7 O’Clock SP.

A revelation.

This beautifully-engineered, aesthetically wonderous precision instrument is an exhilarating shaver…! The Samurai logo and associated Japanese allusions are NOT out of place – all edges are so FINELY wrought, blade held firm in place, and even with these medium-sharp blades, the result is uniformly stunning.

You have to enjoy ‘blade-feel’ – that’s a given, because… well – you ARE now a SAMURAI….! …the intimate Samurai of cheek, chin and neck…

The open comb is becoming my preferred set-up – it is subtly more effective than the SB, and not intimidating in the slightest. Brilliant.

Thanks for everything, gentlemen of Tatara – for this exquisite razor, the attentive service, and the great shaves…!

Nikola Ivić says:

I’m simply amazed. It has a bit of blade feel, so simply trusting the razor to do work is a must. It left me soooooo smooth after 3 passes with the OC, there’s just no words. Machining is top of the line, the threading is as smooth as it can get. It’s definitely going to last a lifetime.

beck.larschristian says:

First of all i would like to congratulate the Tatara team making these fantastic engineered razors. Feels like a surgical instrument. I have purchased both razors. In addition the Nodachi open comb. These razors are not picky regarding razor blades like many other razors. They give me the smoothest irritation free shaves ever. Love it. I have several other high class razors such as Rex Ambassador, Karve, Timeless and Rocca. It’s really hard to use other razors than Tatara in my rotation.
Finally i found my perfect razor. Wish i bought it sooner.
The customer service is spotless too.

alex56011 says:

Amazing razor. Got and immediately arranged the best shaving on the two-day bristle. Nodachi cap and Masamune plate with Masamune handle, Voshod Blade. It’s gorgeous. Comfort and efficiency at height. By feeling softness as on 4 rokwell plates, and efficiency at the level of Muhle Rocca. Excellent daily razor. Bravo, Tatara team.

Sergey Zakharov (Russia) says:

I will add to my previous review. 30 days of shaving with Tatara. A great shave. There is no irritation. Comfortable, efficient. It’s the best razor for me.

Iulian Moisa says:

It s a piece of work,i s perfect for me!

Gianluca N says:

It is amazing how well the razor is made and how comfortable it feels both in your hand and on your face, It is simply the best razor I’ve have ever had and definitely my final razor

Sergey Zakharov (Russia) says:

Masamune is a great razor. Very high quality. The parts fit exactly. Great appearance, especially like in dark color. Shaves effectively. Excellent balance, comfortable handle. For me, it replaced all the other razors. Very satisfied, thanks to the manufacturers.

Todd Rollin says:

A fabulous, V8 of a razor that is super smooth, and just did a wipeout job on two days’ growth with a Russian-made King C. Gillette blade. I use a number of aluminum/light razors, so the Masamune’s weight takes a minor adjustment when I switch, but a light touch and a vigorous face brush lathering with a highly moisturizing shaving soap or paste, and the combination makes short order of highly effective cleanup.

Jonathan Underwood says:

I recently purchased a Masamune and could not be happier with it. It’s truly a thing of engineering beauty. Super smooth to shave with, produces excellent results after two passes. My only other razor is a Rockwell 6S, and the Masamune is a very different experience. The closest plate on the 6s to the Masamune is probably a 5, but the feel and efficiency is very different – the Masamune is more efficient while being similarly smooth.

Michael Scoble says:

superb razor,I used it the day I got it and wow,this rasor is super smooth and super efficient,I had about 4 days growth and I only needed two passes for a very smooth shave,the quality of this razor is excellent,and it looks really good,I bought the Masamune Nodachi razor in dark,and am so glad I have,best razor I have got.

Tariq B says:

Okay so ordered the Masumune Nodachi razor after watching Kevy shaves on YT. First shave was stunning. In my collection have a Gillette Fatboy, Gillette Redtip, Merkur Slant and ES Outlaw. I only use Feather blades, nothing else is as smooth for me. Have used lots of different creams, but am now pretty much settled on Proraso Green and Red.I have been wet shaving for over 15 years.
First shave was with supplied Feather blade, Proraso Green pre-shave and Proraso Green shave cream, almond sized dollop whipped up using Kent BK2 brush in an Aesop shave bowl. 1 pass WTG, 1 ATG and touch up! This is a very smooth razor, blade gap would indicate otherwise but be careful not to apply any pressure let the blade do the work, let it rest against your face. Stunning shave mowed through 5 days growth effortlessly, that I had save up for this shave. I have thick stubble which grows quickly, I shave every day. For those with not have such thick stubble I would say go with the Masumune as this may be a little too aggressive for you. The shave for me was like a mix between a slant and the outlaw but oh so smooth and about 10-15% more efficient. Make sure your cream is slick and cushioning, take your time making a nice thick lather. Highly recommended for those with thick stubble. The balance is perfect and those dimples provide sufficient grip, it did not slip once. Love the massive lather channels, easily rinse out. Gorgeous finish, worth every penny. Pressure wise let it glide across the face, if you can feel the blade there is too much pressure. Great modern take on the DE razor, stunning design and stunning finish, exquisitely made. Stunning shave. Well done Team Tatara !

Paul Laszka says:

I own 50 Stainless Steel Razor and now the Masamune Nodachi, I say ; wow, wow, wow, wow, a wonderful shaver, very good, a very good purchase. 5 Sterne !!

Ronald Pang says:

So I used the blade sent with the razor which is the feather hi -stainless, the only things in the shipment that was made in Japan despite the Japanese theme.

I have to say that this feels like a Feather As-D2… but it shaves like a blackland with positive blade exposure. I had to shave twice to figure it out but the negative blade exposure and high blade gap, at least that’s what it looks like to me, must be the reason.

Excellent razor, would shave again.

David says:

Amazingly smooth and efficient Mixed with unapologetic beauty truly the Lamborghini of razors. Also an incredibly nice staff that is very responsive and caring.

Josh K. says:

Beautiful aggressive razor that provides a close, comfortable shave with minimal effort. I prefer the standard Masamune handle to the Nodachi handle because I like my razors under 100g. If you like a little more weight, then the Nodachi handle is perfect. it doesn’t appear that either of the handles would provide much grip, but looks are deceiving. I’ve had no trouble with my grip slipping on either handle.

The finish on the razor is simple and attractive. The shave provided by the Nodachi is top notch as well. I can easily limit my routine to 2 passes and still reach baby-smooth status. Easy recommendation for anyone looking for a quality machined razor.

Mark Booth says:

In the the final analysis exceptional design is very hard to find. Very few world class designs, hit it right the first time but the Tatara Razor does just that!

I bought the Nodachi SB reluctantly, because I always instinctively error on the side of smoothness over efficiency itself, but I found neither one of these virtues sacrificed with this precision tool, dare I say supremely made Katana!

I’m so impressed and pleased, I plan to purchase an open-comb version right after I post this very positive review.

Seattle, Washington

andrewcunha24 says:

Buy it now so you can use it more times before you die!

Michael Gohde says:

I just had my first shave with Masumune base plate Nodachi cap and Noachi handle. Was very mild but very efficient. I wish I would have purchase when I first saw reviews for the razor. Thanks so much for a superior product with ideas geometry for my face.

Matteo says:

hey guys…since i was so excited to review this beauty i ve forgot to place the fifth star.
Ipnotizing effect of a great tool

Matteo says:

great razor.great shipment.great comunications.great packaging.great shave.


Jason says:

This is the best razor you can get. Make no mistake about it. You can spend a lot more on a Wolfman, or Charcoal goods, but it will not be a better razor. The tolerances of Tatara razors are nothing short of spectacular with 0 tooling marks, like the others mentioned. Very very fine razor.

Simeon Mladenov says:

I could not be more happy with the products that Tatara offers, you can’t go wrong with the brand,I recomend them highly to everyone thinking about buying there excellent products.

Brian says:

Perfect balance between smoothness and efficiency. Well crafted and engineered design – gives a wonderful feel in the hand. I was impressed with the customer service and the speed of shipping. Well worth the investment!

Fabrizio says:

he started immediately complimenting me for the well-made and well-structured website. I purchased both products, both Masamune and Masamune Nodaci. delivery times are quick, nothing to say. as soon as I arrived I could immediately admire the splendid packaging, truly unique and inimitable, as soon as I opened the gift pack, I was able to appreciate the splendid razors, inserted in a cork frame, nothing to say even here, if the good day starts in the morning. … rather than razors we speak of splendid works of art, beautiful and unique in their kind. I will soon try them on the field, but I believe that shaving will become more than ever, a splendid form of relaxation and body care. as soon as private I will be able to insert an even more detailed review. for now thank you for everything TATARA. by Fabrizio.

Ahmed Ajjaj says:

Today I received my Tatara masamune SB the dark version the craftsmanship is just stunning the packaging is excellent,
I’m completely satisfied with my order!!!

Brian says:

Ordered the Masamune and Nodachi.
Beautifully machined razors which are incredibly smooth and efficient!
If Masamune was still about today, No doubt this would be his razor!
Thank you!

Andrey says:

Wonderful machine of a premium level! Made with great accuracy and high quality workmanship! Comes in original cork wood packaging. Due to the average weight, the machine can be safely classified as universal, which can be used not only at home, but also to take with you on a trip. Due to possible variations with plates (both upper and lower), the machine will surely suit a wide range of users. When used in hands it does not slip, it shaves softly, cleanly and comfortably! Quick and easy to clean after use! In my opinion, this is exactly the machine that you must have in your collection! It seemed to me that the machine has some kind of magic and originality! It is pleasant to hold it in hands and do not want to let it out! A decent machine in all respects and certainly worth the money!

Krzysztof says:

Great razor that is surprisingly very efficient. Why surprisingly? Because it is so mild. Shaving with Masamune is super easy. I don’t even need to concentrate. Great achievement.

The only small little neat pick I have is that the blade tabs are not covered.

P says:

Coming from using disposable razors, I took a big leap in getting a black Masumune after reading a lot of reviews. I think I have fairly high standards when it comes to buying things, and the razor still impressed me. I wasn’t quite sure on the handle design, but in person it’s actually really beautiful. I’m definitely not a razor enthusiast, but I’m very happy with this purchase.

JP says:

Perfect in every way. Design, engineering, aesthetics, and most importantly” performance. Smooth & efficient. I love looking at my Masamune in my bathroom each morning. Function art!

Agostino Maiello says:

I was looking for a razor that was at the same time comfortable to use, and beautiful to handle and look at. The Masamune turned out to be just perfect. Shavings are smooth but at the same time effective. And it’s a marvelous object, extremely well made. I got the black version, nothing can beat its elegance.

Steven Lim says:

I bought originally bought the Masamune and it was one the smoothest razor I owned and that smoothness is due to the fact that it’s blade geometry has a negative -0.13mm blade exposure.
This coupled with its 0.63mm blade gap gives the razor its extremely comfortable and smooth shave but because the blade is set behind the shave plane, thus giving minimal blade to skin contact, the razor works best with good sharp blades such as Feathers, Bic, Gillette Nacets and the like.

I also own the Nodachi Head assembly.
This has a 0.90mm blade gap and a 0.13mm positive blade exposure.
While still a very smooth razor, the wider gap and positive blade exposure makes this razor far more aggressive and efficient than its Masamune cousin. I would recommend this setup for the user who shaves once a week or has a tough beard that grows extremely fast and heavy. Due significantly more blade to skin contact, this might not be ideal razor as a daily or someone like me, a twice a day shaver as skin irritation is likely.

The good news is that Tatara’s Razor parts are interchangeable.

My current favorite configuration is the combining the Nodachi Cap with the Masamune Base Plate.
This gives a razor with a 0.63mm blade gap with a true neutral 0.00mm blade exposure.
Extremely smooth, and now with the blade neutral against the skin, it guillotine growth off easily and I have used them twice daily with no irritation at all. True Glass BBS before work and when after I come home before going out for a dinner outing with the wife.

The other possible favorite configuration is combining the Masamune cap and Nodachi Base Plate for a razor with blade geometry of 0.90mm blade gap and a very slight negative -0.03mm blade exposure.
This configuration gives a very smooth and yet extremely comfortable shave and I have use it as a daily shaver with no issues.

A side note.
While the Masamune cap at the moment does not take a standard handle and requires a Tatara Handle to fit, the Nodcahi Cap allows for Standard handles to be used.

That means at the moment there only three options if you want to use custom made or standard razor handles (eg : Bulldog Handle / longer Barber pole Kurled handles) are ;

1) Nodachi Cap + Masamune Solid Bar Plate : 0.63mm gap, True Neutral 0.00mm exposure
2) Nodachi Cap + Masamune Open Comb Plate : 0.73mm gap, 0.05mm Positive Exposure
3) Nodachi Cap + Nodachi Solid Bar Plate : 090mm gap, 0.13mm Positive Exposure.

The only tiny criticism I have is that there blade tabs are slightly exposed.
I hope that we might in the future with V2 get a head assembly that completely covers the blade tabs and we get a Masamune cap that can accept standard handles.

James says:

I’m a wet shaver in the middle of the United States. Saw this razor on a SOTD post and liked what I saw. After some research, I ordered a Masamune. First of all, the customer service is great. I ordered the separate pieces then got an email letting me know I had ordered what amounted to a complete razor and they lowered the price. They also responded to questions I had during the wait process.
As far as the razor, it is great. Look forward to shaving with it every time. So smooth, yet very efficient. Makes it easy to get a bbs shave. Highly recommended.

Damond says:

Got the Nodachi and went right in with a Feather blade. Smooth shave with a superbly made razor. Everything is finely fitted and finished along with an easy shave angle to find. I shave every other day and use a Feather for an extra smooth shave. Top notch razor and well worth the money.

Sylvain Barbeau says:

Extremely well made razor. The look and feel in hand is great. Very smooth on skin and hard to beat effiency. I highly recommanded thèses razors. From Canada. Sylvain

Andrew Rodriguez says:

I tried the Masamune Razor and was fascinated by the softness! I highly recommend

Rolandas says:

At the first attempt the Nodachi, paired with Polsilver blade, seems to me a very efficient razor: smooth shave, though one must be coutious not to apply pressure while going through the stubble. The audio feedback is stunning. One must keep in the mind, though, that the gap between the blade and the safety bar is sufficiently wide in this razor and if the blade becomes blunt after several shaves, in combination with the wide gap it can cause an irritatin. In my case four shaves with the Polsilver were OK, but the fifth was a disaster.

Iryna says:

Nice product! Nice team!

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