Which safety razor is best for me?



We know that everyone’s hair and skin is not the same. More sensitive skins require more mild safety razors. While curly hair and thick beards could require more “aggressive” safety razor options.


The differences between the combs of your safety razor are also an important factor to take in consideration. You can find learn more about these options and the differences between an open comb and a closed comb in the article “What makes a good razor“.



Safety Razors


It is for that reason that our team worked on two very different razor models for the Masamune series, both with open and closed comb variants:



All parts between these razors can be exchanged and allow you to create your favourite hybrid razor in accordance with the table below:




Do you still have doughts what could be the best model razor for you? Check our page Masamune vs Nodachi.





You can then check our youtube channel where you can follow our customer reviews playlist (see how below) and understand how efficient and smooth the Masamune Series can be.


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