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Designed to endure a lifetime.
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Masamune Matte Edition

Perfect balance between smoothness and efficiency. Well crafted and engineered design - gives a wonderful feel in the hand. I was impressed with the customer service and the speed of shipping. Well worth the investment!
he started immediately complimenting me for the well-made and well-structured website. I purchased both products, both Masamune and Masamune Nodaci. delivery times are quick, nothing to say. as soon as I arrived I could immediately admire the splendid packaging, truly unique and inimitable, as soon as I opened the gift pack, I was able to appreciate the splendid razors, inserted in a cork frame, nothing to say even here, if the good day starts in the morning. ... rather than razors we speak of splendid works of art, beautiful and unique in their kind. I will soon try them on the field, but I believe that shaving will become more than ever, a splendid form of relaxation and body care. as soon as private I will be able to insert an even more detailed review. for now thank you for everything TATARA. by Fabrizio.
Today I received my Tatara masamune SB the dark version the craftsmanship is just stunning the packaging is excellent, I’m completely satisfied with my order!!!
Ahmed Ajjaj
Ordered the Masamune and Nodachi. Beautifully machined razors which are incredibly smooth and efficient! If Masamune was still about today, No doubt this would be his razor! Thank you!
Wonderful machine of a premium level! Made with great accuracy and high quality workmanship! Comes in original cork wood packaging. Due to the average weight, the machine can be safely classified as universal, which can be used not only at home, but also to take with you on a trip. Due to possible variations with plates (both upper and lower), the machine will surely suit a wide range of users. When used in hands it does not slip, it shaves softly, cleanly and comfortably! Quick and easy to clean after use! In my opinion, this is exactly the machine that you must have in your collection! It seemed to me that the machine has some kind of magic and originality! It is pleasant to hold it in hands and do not want to let it out! A decent machine in all respects and certainly worth the money!


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